Providing specialist hearing technology

specialist "Roger" hearing aid for OwenThe Friends of Alfie Johnson are thrilled to have been able to help a special little boy, called Owen, with some specialist hearing technology.

Owen is 8 years old and sadly suffers from a number of problems.  He has developmental delay, behavioural difficulties, speech and language difficulties, and in particular Bilateral Neuri-Sensoral hearing loss. Owen has a Cochlear Implant on his left side following complications with attempts to have an implant on his right side. This left him with considerable tissue damage and resulted in many infections.

Without the implant, Owen is profoundly deaf.

Earlier this year, Owen was able to access something called a Roger Aid in school to support his learning, understanding and communication in class. The Roger Aid is the latest digital technology that bridges the understanding gap, in noise and over distance, by wirelessly transmitting the speaker’s voice directly to the child wearing the receivers on their Cochlear Implant. As it brings the speaker’s words directly into the ear, it boosts speech, understanding and enhances learning.

After using the Roger Aid in school for a few days, a significant change took place in how Owen engaged in his learning and how he processed information. The aid has also had a positive impact in relation to his behaviour, speech, socialisation with others and his general understanding of information.

Roger hearing aid from PhonakThis ground breaking piece of technology has had a profound and positive impact on Owen’s life in school and it has been remarked that he is much calmer and more focused in lessons and at playtime. Unfortunately, as this equipment is owned by the Dudley Hearing Impaired service, it has to stay in school, meaning Owen cannot access this much needed equipment in his home environment and when he is out and about with his family.  This leaves him vulnerable and at risk.

The fantastic news we have to share is that the Friends of Alfie Johnson have now been able to fully fund a Roger Aid for Owen to use outside of school.  This means that the positive impact Owen has enjoyed part of the time, can now be experienced in his home and with his family.

As always we are deeply grateful to everybody who has helped us to make this possible.  We can make a difference to the lives of children with disabilities.

Thank you – The Friends of Alfie Johnson


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