Helping a Child with Severe Autism

Nansi, who lives in Wollaston, Stourbridge, has received a sensory tent from The Friends of Alfie JohnsonNansi

Last week we visited Wollaston, in Stourbridge, to see a little girl called Nansi and her Mom.  We were there to deliver sensory equipment to help Nansi, who suffers with severe Autism, has severe learning difficulties and speech and language difficulties.

Nansi has responded well to sensory play and resources in school and it has shown to have a calming and stimulating effect on Nansi.  Nansi’s needs are such that she can often find situations difficult and unsettling. It was her Mom’s intention to try and provide a small sensory space in the home to offer Nansi a safe space at home that is able to provide her with a safe, calm, de-stressing space where she can explore and learn through play.

The equipment that we delivered last week will now provide an opportunity to develop life skills including an understanding of cause and effect, experiences of colour, number and shape recognition, tracking and hand to eye coordination. This will now have a positive impact on Nansi in relation to:

  • Improved mood, increased emotional well-being.
  • Fewer disruptive behaviours.
  • Decreased anxiety and fear.
  • Improved communication and enhanced interpersonal interactions.
  • Opportunity for families to have a safe space to share quality time.

Again, this has only been possible through the support we get as charity, by people attending our fundraising events, making donations or holding their own fundraising events or taking on personal challenges.

Your love, help and support means that children like Nansi, can have access to specialist equipment to help enhance the quality of their lives in a positive way.

Thank you all again for helping to make this possible for another very special child.

The Friends of Alfie Johnson