Monitoring equipment for a child with epilepsy

Charity grant for monitoring equipment for a chld with epilepsyJake

Jake is a 4 year old boy from Halesowen who suffers from a range of medical problems.

In addition to autism, possible ADHD and the need for feeding through gastrostomy, Jake also has epilepsy.  This means he experiences generalised tonic clonic seizures that are triggered when he is tired or over-worked.

Although he is on medication Jake experiences seizures lasting 2-3 minutes every night.  Jake’s parents have to be very watchful because longer seizures or multiple seizures in succession may require emergency treatment.

Now he is 4 Jake’s Mum and Dad have been keen to give him his own room.  However they have been worried that they might not be able to respond to Jake’s seizures.  After approaching the Friends of Alfie Johnson for help we have been able to supply a specialist video monitoring system to the family.  This means his parents and those taking care of him will be able to react quickly when Jake has an epileptic episode.

This is another example of how your  donations and fundraising efforts have made a difference to a child’s life.

Thank you for all of your support.

The Friends of Alfie Johnson.

Helping children with disabilities across Dudley MBC

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