Mobility equipment for a brain-damaged teenager

Elle-Mae Davidson

elle-mae davidson rehab from brain damageAt our 2013 Summer Ball, we heard the heart breaking story of 17 year old Elle-Mae Davidson from Kingswinford.

Elle-Mae was a truly gifted young lady, who achieved almost straight A* grades at GCSE’s, and had been offered a place at Oxford and Cambridge University. In January 2013, she complained of severe headaches and went to A&E. After being told she had stress, she was eventually scanned after returning again to A&E 3 days later with severe headaches. The scan showed that she was suffering from a recurring brain haemorrhage.

A lot of surgery followed, as did many complications. Elle’s family were asked to say their goodbyes on six occasions as she was given less than 1% chance of survival. Through sheer determination Elle has battled back and proved the Doctors wrong. However, Elle’s injuries mean that she now requires 24 hour care, which has been provided by her devoted mother, Leah, and her wonderful family.

Elle has stayed at the Tadworth Court Rehabilitation Centre since sustaining her injuries. The family are now in the process of re-adapting their home to bring Elle back.

At the 2013 Summer Ball, the Friends of Alfie Johnson pledged their support to help. In 2014, through joint funding with the Chris Westwood Charity, we were able to fund a mobile hoist for Elle, meaning that she is able to be lifted safely at home and indeed when visiting family and friends or going on holiday.

None of this would have been possible without your support.

Thank you.

The Friends of Alfie Johnson


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