iPad for a child with Downs Syndrome

iPad (with Makaton) provided for a child with Downs Syndrome in DudleyHarry

This week, we were able to help a charming young man, called Harry, after we recently received a request for help from the Specialist Early Years Service in Dudley, to purchase an iPad to aid his development.

Harry has Down’s Syndrome and uses Makaton signing and symbols to accompany with speech. This aids his communication, as his speech is not always clear. The iPad plays an important part in his life as it has the Makaton symbols programme uploaded and Harry can then use this to communicate and clarify his needs, his wishes and wants. This helps to reduce his frustration and also means his parents can respond to his communications more accurately.

Harry also uses his iPad for leisure activities and one of the main advantages of an iPad is that Harry has learnt to independently operate it and choose his own programmes. These are age appropriate programmes which usually include signing, such as CBB’s Mr Tumble and Harry loves to join in with the activities and practice his signing and singing.

His Mom, was absolutely overjoyed that we had been able to help Harry, and had this to say:

“Thank you so much for Harry’s iPad, he is absolutely over the moon! It’s on charge ready for use! We are all really grateful, thank you x”

Again, this is why we do what we do, so that the lives of children, like Harry, are enhanced in a positive way. We can only do this through your help. So to all our supporters, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

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