Postural Support Seat for a little girl with Chiari Malformation


chiari-malformation-charity Friends of Alfie Johnson have provided a Firefly Goto postural seat to a young lady called ShyannShyann’s Mum recently applied for funding to purchase a specialist Firefly Goto Postural Support Seat for her daughter, who was in need of help.

We are thrilled to announce that through the love and support we get from our amazing supporters, we were able to fully fund this specialist item for Shyann.

This is what Shyann’s Mum, Becky, had to say:

“I want to say thank you so much to everyone from friends of Alfie Johnson, and for the amazing work you do. today we have had a delivery of a Goto Firefly seat for Shyann. Shyann has chiari malformation, ADHD , benign essential tremor, tic disorder, hyper mobility, and lots more complex medical needs. This seat will allow her to be able to sit up to the table with full support eat a meal without flopping off the chair, or sitting on my lap. This seat can be used anywhere while we are out at her grandparents house, restaurants and even at the cinemas she will no longer need to be in a wheelchair spaces at the back, she can now sit with full support with her friends. This seat will change our lives so much, thank you ❤️

Thank you to everyone who supports us to be able to change the lives of Children with Disabilities, like Shyann.”

It s only through your support that The Friends of Alfie Johnson can keep providing help to children like Shyann.  Thank you for all of your fundraising efforts.

We are always on the lookout to help more children with disabilities (or their parents and carers).  Call us on 07863 145801 or 07766 262430or email if you know of someone who needs assistance.

With love and thanks

Friends of Alfie Johnson


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