Some Of The Children We Have Helped

The Friends of Alfie Johnson is now a registered charity whose sole purpose is to help Children with Disabilities.

We would like to introduce some of the children who have benefited from your generosity and support.

In little over 18 months, the Friends of Alfie Johnson have donated in excess of £15,000 to help Children with Disabilities. This would not have been possible without your support.

We remain committed to our cause and will continue to support as many Children with Disabilities for as long as people want to support us. Your help is invaluable and makes such a positive difference to the lives of children like Alfie. For that we are truly grateful.


Shyann suffers from a range of medical issues including Chiari Malformation.  We have provided her with a specialist Postural Support Seat that should greatly improve her quality of life.  Find out more.

Lifted Spirits

Kingswinford-based support group Lifted Spirits help families of children with additional needs.  We made a donation to help them continue their work. Read the full story.


Alex benefitted from access to a variety of online programmes at school but had no means of using them at home.

By providing a tablet computer we have both helped Alex’s development and given his mum some respite. Read the full story.


Although Eden had been provided with a wheelchair through the NHS it was too big and bulky for her to move around.

We helped to buy a new light weight wheelchair to give her back some of her independence.  Read the full story.


We have funded Teddy to get some early nursery care to both help his development and support his parents.

Teddy’s brother is also autistic so this really helps the family out.  Read the full story.


Jake needs a high level care due to his complex needs. His parents were particularly concerned about his seizures, which often happen at night.

We have been able to provide the family with a video monitor that enables them to monitor his condition through the night. Read the full story.


In May 2016 we were able to purchase an iPad and some specialist Makaton signing software for Harry.

These will help Harry, who has Down’s Syndrome, to communicate more clearly and have some fun accessing CBeebies programmes too.  Read the full story.



In March 2016 we provided sensory equipment to Nansi, a little girl who suffers from severe autism and other learning difficulties.

The equipment will help to improve her emotional well-being and enhance her ability to interact with her family.

Read the full story.


Amy Dimmick

In February 2016 we were able to purchase a £4,000 Smart Box eye gaze system for Amy Dimmick.

Amy has Rett Syndrome which has severely impaired her ability to speak, walk, eat and breathe.

The Smart Box eye gaze system enables people to communicate and interact with the world and has already helped Amy to operate toys and control ‘cause and effect’ games on an i-pad.  Read the full story.



In 2015 we provided 2 year old Anna with specialist accessories for an iPad to help with the development of her ability to communication.

Anna suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. and has spent much of her life going in and out of hospital.

Read the full story



2 year old Holly suffers from CHARGE syndrome a condition that has left her with a variety of complex medical issues and needs.

The Friends of Alfie Johnson has provided Holly with an iPad and some specialist communications switches to help her develop her communication skills. Read the full story



Owen has a number of health problems and, in particular, suffers with Bilateral Neuri-Sensoral hearing loss.

We were delighted to be able to help Owen’s ability to hear by providing some specialist digital technology. Read the full story.


Bobby Allen

In December 2014 Bobby’s parents requested funding for a specialist car seat that Bobby desperately needed.

Bobby suffers from Motor Neurone Disease and because of his condition requires a more supportive seat.

The Friends of Alfie Johnson were able to donate £1,000 to pay for the seat that was recommended by healthcare professionals.


Esther McEnery

In 2013, we received a letter asking for help to purchase a Miniwalk 2 support frame for a little girl called Esther, age 7.

Esther was born with a condition called Chromosome 22 Translocation which affects all areas of her development. She has a cleft lip and palate, severe gastroesophaceal reflux, bilateral hydronephrosis and hypertonia.

Esther had a walking frame provided by the Local Health Authority which was quite a few years old and had been repaired time and time again. As Esther was getting bigger and becoming more independent, she was in desperate need for a new support frame.

The Friends of Alfie Johnson were able to fully fund a brand new Miniwalk 2 support frame for Esther through donations made by you.


Elle-Mae Davidson (Martha)

Elle-Mae was a truly gifted young lady on the verge of a a place at Oxbridge when she was struck down with a brain haemorrhage that left her with severe brain damage.

We were able to provide some mobility equipment to support her returning home for on-going care. Read the full story.


Hayden Parker

In 2013, we received another request for help for a little boy age 3, called Hayden Parker, to help purchase a bubble tube.

Hayden suffers with Cerebral Palsy which has caused significant neurological problems including epilepsy and microcephaly. He has profound developmental delay, which impacts on his physical development, eating/drinking and communication skills.
Hayden had shown positive reactions using facial expressions, body movements and vocalisation when in a sensory environment whilst visiting his local hospital. He relies on this type of stimulus in order to communicate with those around him and greatly benefits from being in a sensory environment.

Through your generosity, we were able to fund an Interactive ‘Talking’ Bubble Tube for Hayden to use at home,which has aided his development in a positive way.


Evie Taylor

Again, in 2013 we received a request for help from the Chris Westwood Charity, to assist in the purchase of a specialist hand propelled bike for a little girl, called Evie, age 3.

Evie was born with Werner Mesomelic Dysplasia, a condition which meant that her tibia bone did not form in either leg, just the fibula.  She had no ankle joints, and clubbed feet with seven toes on each foot. Various treatments were tried to lengthen the bone structure in her legs, but with no success, so the difficult decision was taken to amputate both legs from the knee.

Evie now has prosthetic legs, attached around her waist by a large belt. She tires easily when trying to walk with the prosthetic legs and the family looked at the provision of a trike that could be hand pedalled.

We were thrilled to be able to help with a donation towards the purchase of a hand-built Tomcat Tricycle for Evie, so that she could enjoy riding her very own bike just a little 3 year old girl should.


Pens Meadow School

Over the years, we have helped a number of pupils at Pens Meadow School, by helping to purchase specialist equipment.

We have also donated in excess of £3,000 to the school, so that many other pupils benefit from our charity.


Complete Chaos-Summer Scheme 2014

At our 2013 annual Friends of Alfie Johnson Quiz Night, we pledged to use money we raised on the night to help Children with Disabilities attend the Complete Chaos Summer Scheme, run by the Insight Centre in Brierley Hill.

In 2014 we donated the £1500 raised at the 2013 Quiz Night to help Children with Disabilities enjoy this wonderful scheme. Alfie himself has benefited from attending this scheme back in 2013, which he thoroughly enjoyed. We were thrilled to be able to help the scheme and give Children with Disabilities the chance to experience the many fabulous and exciting activities on offer.

Your support meant that we were able to give some very special children had a fabulous and enjoyable time, whilst providing parents and carers with invaluable respite.

To find out more about Club Chaos and the Insight Centre visit:

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