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Alfie's Story

Alfie John Arthur Johnson was born on Remembrance Day, 2007. He was born lifeless, and blue after what was thought to be a ‘low risk’, natural birth.

He was taken to the Specialist Care Baby Unit for observation. Hours after his birth, his parents were given the heart-breaking news that he had sustained brain damage through oxygen starvation. Euphoria quickly turned to utter devastation. After 3 weeks in hospital, he was finally allowed home.

The injuries Alfie sustained during his birth have left him with a number of complex conditions. He suffers with Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly, Seizures and Dystonia. He is also severely visually impaired/blind. His condition has left him without the ability to walk, talk, sit unaided, feed or drink and is reliant on a number of anti-convulsing and spasmodic medications and is fed via a gastrostomy tube in his stomach. Alfie also suffers with a severe scoliosis of the spine, which has now undergone urgent surgery to help correct it, taking great pressure off his internal organs.

Alfie will need specialist 24 hour care for the rest of his life as a result of these injuries.

Months after Alfie’s birth, his parents took the difficult decision to take legal action against the hospital in charge of his care. After investigation, it was proven that the hospital had indeed caused Alfie’s injuries, who finally admitted they had been negligent in his care that had led to him suffering severe brain damage. Alfie will now be taken care of for the rest of his life as a result of this action.
In spite of his injuries, Alfie Johnson is a loving, caring little boy with a heart of gold and a beautiful smile. His ability to deal with his condition and the pain and discomfort he experiences on an almost daily basis, is truly amazing. He is a remarkable individual and a true inspiration to his parents, family, friends and indeed everyone who meets him.
Alfie’s life will always be a tough one and he faces a lifetime of hospital treatment, surgery, therapy and will be reliant on specialist medication for the rest of his life. But he is a fighter, and a tough one at that. Whatever life throws at Alfie, he will always have the love, support and care of his parents, family and friends, and through the Friends of Alfie Johnson, his legacy will live on in his name, helping little boys and girls just like him.